Challenge box

Who is it for?
Teachers who teach Key stage 3, 4 and 5 students. Teachers and students who enjoy being creative with teaching and learning styles, techniques and strategies. Teachers who are prepared to take risks and who enjoy being inspirational in the classroom, laboratory and workshop!

Outline of idea.
The 'Challenge box' is a teaching resource that is allowing my students the flexibilty to choose a starter, a homework or a gifted and talented, extension activity.

The 'box' started its life as an old stack and store container, which had its interior spray painted black. Each lid panel had an opening cut out and was then cable tied for security. The outside was then decorated in such a way as to create suspense, excitement and interest (see photographs).
Into each half of the box I have placed black envelopes that conceal a challenge. There are 50 challenges in total. The challenges have been hand written, copied from GCSE papers, books, magazines, Thunks, word games and literacy/numeracy publications. All challenges link to current schemes of work delivered by me, each and every term!!!! This is key to being prepared and gives the students the idea that they are an integral part in the 'flow' of the lesson.
Students place their hands in the box and remove a challenge that is sealed using green, yellow and red stickers (green = easy, yellow = medium and red = hard).

How it worked.
Students are incredibly intrigued and interested. They love the fact that they can 'direct' the lesson and are allowed the 'freedom of choice'. The challenges serve to stretch the gifted and talented, support and build confidence for the weaker students and gets the students to 'Think'!
Next steps.
The 'Challenge box' will be introduced to the TVA 'Creativity and innovation group' and used as an Inset resource. It will then be advertised across all department/subject areas. Key stage four and five students will also be asked to set and write challenges for the lower school (Years 7 & 8)

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  1. Irayna Owen says:

    Looks a great idea Tim, I am goiing to try making one over half term.

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