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Interactive Literacy Walls


Who is it for? Staff who wish to raise their students understanding of key words and terminology in an interactive, competitive manner. Outline of idea TVA is looking at raising the literacy levels of all students and I have chosen to work with students who have learning and language difficulties. I also wanted to make …

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Who is it for? Anyone looking to engage students in thinking about what they know (and what they need to know). It’s a useful revision tool. Outline of the idea: I’ve begun using ContentGenerator.net’s “Multiple Choice Generator”. [Note: You may need to sign up to be able to download the installer]. It’s a free multiple …

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Lesson summary "Russian Roulette"

Thanks to Peter Law! Who is it for? Anyone looking for a good way to get pupils to take part in a quick quiz at the end of the lesson to check their understanding of work covered in class (or earlier on in the scheme of work). Outline of the idea At the end of …

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