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Interactive Literacy Walls


Who is it for? Staff who wish to raise their students understanding of key words and terminology in an interactive, competitive manner. Outline of idea TVA is looking at raising the literacy levels of all students and I have chosen to work with students who have learning and language difficulties. I also wanted to make …

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Building Learning Power by Guy Claxton (perhaps specifically useful to GTP/ITT/NQT/UQT staff)

Building learning power

Written by Emily Player (D/T GTP The Voyager Academy. Who is it for?  This is an idea for all teachers at KS3 interested in developing group work.  All teachers especially those with a passion for creating stimulating learning environments interest in building ‘engine rooms’ open to new approaches for student thinking Outline of the idea …

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Keyword links


Idea from:  Irayna Owen Who it is for: For all teachers revising a topic or going over the key ideas and keywords in a topic. Outline of idea: Write a small list of keywords from a topic on the board – say 4 or 5. Challenge pupils to identify where in the topic they came …

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