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Keyword links


Idea from:  Irayna Owen Who it is for: For all teachers revising a topic or going over the key ideas and keywords in a topic. Outline of idea: Write a small list of keywords from a topic on the board – say 4 or 5. Challenge pupils to identify where in the topic they came …

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The power of plasticine


Idea from:  Sarah Gadd (Head of History) Who it is for: This is for anyone trying to encourage students to consolidate and demonstrate their understanding in a different way.  I have used this with KS4 and KS5 students and it is useful for AFL work, or teacher assessment of students’ learning. Outline of issue: I …

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Checking understanding after an oral introduction

Thanks to Irayna Owen for this. Who is it for? This is a very quick and easy method of checking group understanding of what you have been discussing or introducing orally – I use it with Key stage 3 low ability groups, but I would imagine anyone could use it. Outline of idea (What you …

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