Lesson summary "Russian Roulette"

Thanks to Peter Law!

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for a good way to get pupils to take part in a quick quiz at the end of the lesson to check their understanding of work covered in class (or earlier on in the scheme of work).

Outline of the idea

At the end of a lesson, establish the rules of the game. You will ask a series of questions re the content of the lesson (or previous lessons). They need to raise a hand if they think they know the answer. If you pick them and they get the answer correct, they go and stand by the exit. If you pick them and they get the answer wrong, they go and stand in the far corner of the room from the exit and you pick another person to answer the question. (If they shout out the answer, they join those standing in the “wrong answer” area. Those that get the questions correct, get to be the first leave the classroom at the end of the lesson. Those who were wrong get to be the last! Those who don’t get to answer are in the middle.

How it worked out

Pupils enjoy playing the game – a sense of risk taking (with minimal real risk) and students get to hear a recap of key facts. Needs to be done with a sense of fun as well as learning!

Next Steps

Can easily be adapted to cover different topics or have a different focus.