Artistic Acrostic

Idea from: Greg Dean (Head of Art, CVC)

Who is it for:  Teachers of Yrs 7 and 8

Outline of idea:
Before registering a group we put up a picture of a Magritte image on the screen and wrote the word ‘Surrealism’ on the board. Pupils completed an acrostic description of the artwork in their sketchbooks. Acrostic writing involves using the letters of a word, in this case ‘Surrealism’, to begin each sentence. The first sentence would begin with an ‘S’, the second with a ‘U’ and so on. Pupils completed a 10 sentence description of the image during registration. The exercise lasted around 5 minutes. This idea was developed by our trainee Lucy Banham.

How it worked out:
Some pupils just used single words to form their acrostic where others began sentences with them. This differentiated the task well. As a task it got pupils quickly concentrating and engaging with the Scheme of Work.

Next steps:  
Possibly produce a set of images in a designated folder for the department to be able to access easily at the start of each lesson.

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  1. Kirsty Redhead says:

    I like this idea as a starter, thanks Lucy/Greg.

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