Graphic marking to encourage students to progress

Who is it for?

Teachers who would like to use visual representations of  Assessment data.

Outline of idea (provided by Damon Lewis – Business studies)

We have developed visual mark sheets which are used in both our KS4 / 5 lessons. Although there is every reason these would be appropriate for lower years. The idea is that at a glance students are able to visualise a snapshot of where they are in the course. The idea behind this was to encourage the achievement of boys who view it as a competitive element to the class.

How it worked.
Mark sheets for classes are set up (as shown below) for each unit, tabs are created if students have more than one teacher. This is then placed into the shared area for the school and is viewable by all students and teachers. This is the main document that is displayed throughout lessons (particularly at the start). Students can see what work should have been completed, what work they may be behind on and also where they are going. Teachers are able to get trends across teaching groups and have an instant snapshot of whole classes. The impact of this method has improved achievement of boys considerably. Often they are comfortable being behind as long as this is not obvious to peers which this method is. As a result we have students self marking and self directing their own catch-up. Students who may not often do homework do so of their own volition to get their next ‘green blob.’ Also classroom management is less of an issue as the mark sheet is constantly changing throughout the lesson it focuses the whole class.