Design and technology – top trumps

Following the successful use of Science Top Trumps, Design & Technology are attempting to go one better!!!  D/T have modified the Top Trump and now believe it will support students when planning, selecting tools and equipment and using tools safely.

Staff in TVAs Design & Technology department were searching for an answer to the dilemma of ‘constructive forward planning’ in KS3 and desperately wanted to develop independent thinking and decision making, prior to making three dimensional outcomes.  An observation of an outstanding Science lesson by Emily Player (D/T GTP teacher), inspired initial discussions………….the rest is history!  The top trump cards have been developed over 6 months and are now a permanent fixture in three workshops.

The new design includes 32 Top Trump cards and an a acrylic stand are available at:


 To date trials of the DT top Trumps are still on going and every member of the team will be equipped by Christmas.  Trials are focusing on KS3 but Year 10s have found them extremely useful when planning the manufacture of their Memphis inspired candlesticks.

 Watch this space and place your orders through Emily Player and Tim Mardle.


  1. W Pearce says:

    Design and technology – top trumps

    Are these still available???

    1. Tim Mardle says:

      Dear W Pearce,

      Yes the DT top trumps are still available and incredibly useful both with KS3 and KS4. They are particularly useful with material and/or tool choices, planning and general starters and plenaries. Please leave me your contact details and I will sort you out a set.

      Tim Mardle

      1. Wayne says:

        Are you able to email me to get my address?


        1. Tim Mardle says:

          Hi Wayne,

          I have emailed you directly to get your details.


          Tim Mardle

  2. mathew Gillett says:

    Dear W Pearce,

    I’m thinking of doing a Top trumps project with my KS3 group and was wondering if it is possilbe to down load and make up these cards to use with my students?

    Many thanks


    1. Tim Mardle says:

      Hi Matthew,

      I am Tim Mardle and together witha GTP student I design and publish the DT Top Trumps. I have emailed you directly to ask for contact details and would be glad to send you on a copy. They are incredibly useful and are now being used by several schools across England.


      Tim Mardle DT AST (The Voyager Academy)

  3. Pree says:

    I’m thinking of making some Top trumps as a resource for KS3 & 4 and was wondering if it is possilbe to down load and make up these cards to use.

    Kind Regards

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Tim Mardle says:

      Dear Pree,

      Apologises for the delay. I have only just returned from my holiday. Once the term begins (September 5th) I will be in a position to post you a hard copy of the D/T Top trumps, that myself and a fellow colleague have designed. I will also email you a copy of the Top trump template. You will then be able to edit more cards yourself. I hope this is useful.
      Please send me your email address, school address and any other details you feel would be necessary.

      Many thanks,

      Tim Mardle (AST D/T The Voyager Academy, Mountsteven Avenue, Peterborough, PE4 6HX) tim.mardle@thevoyager.co.uk

  4. dave.horrill says:

    Nice idea. Can we get hold of a set of these? We have some boys working on this at the moment but we could do with the support.
    Dave Horrill
    Devonport High School for Boys

    1. Tim Mardle says:

      Hi David,

      I will get an electronic copy over to you next week and a hard copy to you, the week beginning 5/11/12. Could you send me details of your school address and email please.

      Tim Mardle (D/T AST)

  5. Rachel Clare says:

    Are the top trump cards for D and T available, if so can you tell me where I can get some. I think it would be really useful in my lessons.

  6. Z Collins says:

    Got an inset day coming up which is looking at getting top trump cards into departments. Would it be possible to get a copy of your cards emailed to me please?

    Many thanks

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