Who is it for?

Anyone looking to engage students in thinking about what they know (and what they need to know). It’s a useful revision tool.

Outline of the idea:

I’ve begun using ContentGenerator.net’s “Multiple Choice Generator”. [Note: You may need to sign up to be able to download the installer]. It’s a free multiple choice quiz generator into which you can program your own questions.

As a starter I programmed in a selection of 10 questions to give the students some idea of the kind of questions they might need to think about. I then asked the students to come up with multiple choice questions of their own in pairs, particularly encouraging them to consider what they could include as a “wrong answer” that might open up common misunderstandings.

While the students got on with some quiet work I quickly typed up their questions into a new quiz that we used as a plenary.

Here's what they came up with:

How it worked out:

The interactivity of the quiz engaged my Year 11 students well and they also got into creating questions of their own (although some needed editing!)

Answering each other’s questions in this format was more interesting than either answering questions set by me, or simply “testing each other”.

I’ve also uploaded the completed quiz onto our learning platform for other students to try.

Be warned that the quiz software can only fit a limited number of letters in each question so try to keep questions and answers short!

Next Steps:

I’ve used this for revision at GCSE so far but I think it could easily be done across the age spectrum. I’m also planning to try this out with my maths class and see what they come up with!