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Inspirational teachers, inspirational learners!

Inspirational teachers inspirational learners.

Who is it for? 'Inspirational teachers, inspirational learners' (by Will Ryan) is a book that should be read by all teachers.  The book itself is truly inspirational itself and a must have. Outline of the idea Essentially this is a book made up of 8 chapters that make you smile, ignite ideas, strategies and emotions …

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Dare to be different


Who is it for? Teachers who are prepared to take risks with their classroom configuration and seating plans. Outline of the idea. Dare to be different and remove ‘straight row’ teaching!  Dare to be different and seat your students in a different place each lesson!  Dare to be different and provide the students with that …

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ITT, NQT & GTP classroom climate

As part of Voyager's 'new staff induction' programme, teachers have been encouraged to read 'The Hay McBer report' (2000).  Despite being almost 11 years old, the report is still a useful tool for new staff to use to adapt, modify and improve their learning environments.  New staff have been encouraged to focus their attentions on …

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